11:32 Julia Galdo for the Kneon Magazine Blog
All photos by David Cortes
11:30 A portrait of Cody Cloud for the Kneon Magazine blog.All photos by David Cortes
11:28 I photographed JUCO (Cody Cloud & Julia Galdo) for the Kneon Magazine Blog.Here are the photos.All photos by David Cortes
13:44 Edrina in Slo
13:43 Edrina in Slo
02:03 Edrina in San Luis Obispo 
23:56 my birthday and jessica
23:54 paley snuck a photo of me
23:52 a dog
23:51 i took a photo of my brother
23:51 dog
23:50 faith and my piñata 
23:47 my birthday
23:46 happy birthday Stephanie